Selected Works

The Analysing Engine

Composition date:  2018

Text: the composer

Instrumentation: six voices (sss,t,bar, bs) +  flt, bsn, kbd, pno, vln, vlc, bass

Length: 75 minutes


Date: November 2017 (workshop version)

Venue: Wallace theater, Lewis Arts Complex, Princeton University

Performers: singers: Heather O’Donovan, Shruthi Rajasekar, Alexandra Porter, Gabriel Crouch, Bradley King, Brandon Gaines. Instrumentalists: Jayne Rosenfeld, Robert Wagner, Margaret Kampmeier, Lynda Saponara, Anna Lim, Alberto Parini, Jack Hill. Conductor, Gabriel Crouch; Director, Daniel Krane; lighting, Victoria Davidjohn.

Piece Description: 
A comic opera set in a science laboratory in a university. Professor Platt and her assistant have invited four students to participate in a lecture/demonstration:

A message from Professor Louise Dorothy Platt.

You are all very welcome to the Neuro-Amatory-Analytics Laboratory.

I will begin by outlining the technical and theoretical background to our research, then my associate, Dr Neare, and I will introduce the focus of our work: the Analysing Engine. The Engine is designed to measure the emotional connection between two individuals with unprecedented numerical accuracy. I call this the "Amorous Coupling Co-efficient". Imagine, if you will, the great boon this will prove. If we can extrapolate from this value, we will be able to predict the outcome of any given relationship with a very high level of certainty. Think of the time, money and heartache this will save! We have invited four students to be the first test-subjects for our demonstration. They are two couples, in love (so they say - we'll soon see!). Just for fun, we will award a small cash prize to the pair that attains the highest co-efficient value with the Engine.

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