Selected Works

On the Curves of the Winds

Composition date: 2013

Instrumentation: cello with surround-sound electronics

Length: 14 minutes


Date: December 2014

Venue: Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University

Performers: Ninfea Crutwell-Reade, Andres Villalta 

Piece Description: 

A bird maintains itself in the air by imperceptible balancing, when near to the mountains or lofty ocean crags; it does this by means of the curves of the winds which as they strike against these projections, being forced to preserve their first impetus bend their straight course towards the sky with divers revolutions, at the beginning  of which the birds come to a stop with their wings open, receiving underneath themselves the continual buffetings of the reflex courses of the winds.  — Leonardo da Vinci

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